eye contact

Do soulmates exist?

It’s hard to say. I don’t know. But what I do know is the first time I laid eyes on them, I felt drawn to them. And of all the people I met that day, theirs was the name that stuck in my mind. Theirs was the face I recognised when I returned months later once the summer sun had dimmed behind reddening leaves. Theirs was the leg mine brushed against as I thought, “is this what people talk about?” and theirs was the hand I held bravely in mine. Theirs were the lips that pressed to my cheek and hatched butterflies in my stomach, and later tenderly met my own. Their face was what beamed at me, frowned at me, cried with me until the rainbows melted down our faces. And I haven’t seen it in years but I can’t forget that first meeting and how, somehow, some part of me – my head? my heart? – knew that this was a person who would be important to me.

What was the question again?

For this piece we were given the prompt of eye contact, specifically imagining two people seeing each other for the first time. I have been at home so much lately with the lockdowns etc. and I realise I’ve really missed seeing brown eyes. They are so warm and beautiful and nobody in my house has them.

Photo by fotografierende on Pixabay


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