being a plant

I feel so tired. I wish that I could take in the sun’s light like a plant. I could grow and reach up to the sky. I could burst forth with flowers on my limbs and feel the gentle tickle of bee and butterfly legs on my petals. I could feel anchored to ground by my thick roots and grow deeper, more firm and steady in my place. I could feel the rain and not need to run from it. The drops would slide down my leaves and leave me shiny as they reach the soil and hydrate the parched tendrils of roots. The smell of wet earth would surround me and intermingle with the scent of my blossoms. And then the clouds would be blown onwards and I would once again be drenched in warmth and sunlight. I imagine I would feel the water evaporating from my leaves, perhaps as a tingle or an itch that is soothed by the breeze. A spider might climb me and hang its silken threads between my limbs, and now I am a home for more than myself. I have nothing to do but grow as I turn my head into the sun’s warm caress.

We were set the task of thinking about who we would pick if we could be another person for a day and then imagining what that would be like. I found it really challenging. I think the idea of being someone else doesn’t feel that appealing to me while my energy is still so low. I wouldn’t be able to explore the place they are in or the new opportunities available to me. I thought about how tired I felt, and then started imagining how I would change that. I imagined the sun shining on me, filling me with warmth, energy and vitality. And that led me to thinking about what does actually benefit from that even more than I do – the plant!

Photos taken by me


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