About me

I’m Anna. I have had depression for some time now and was recently diagnosed with an unspecified dissociative disorder (UDD). I’m still in therapy working out where this dissociation came from and discovering how to deal with it. I still feel quite confused by it all at the moment.

Outside of my mental health, I’m a young adult who loves my cat very much. I like the music of Florence + the Machine and I enjoy stand-up comedy and any kind of gay theatre.

My goals for this blog

This blog began as a way of keeping track of some mindfulness practices but, a few years on, I have returned to it as a place to keep all sorts of things to do with my recovery. I enjoy writing so it will be nice to have somewhere to share this where people can read it. I hope to do some more writing about my experiences but I will also write up what I write in creative writing sessions.

I’d love to hear from you

I’m keen to hear from you about your experiences of mindfulness, mental health, and any other thoughts you have.

Please get in touch through the comment section on blog posts or by using the contact form here.


a recovery blog

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