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mindfulness right before sleep

My practice yesterday was done just before bed. It wasn’t ideal, as I was quite tired, but it was necessary since I’d been busy during the day. The meditations I used were both free ones from the app Stop, Breathe & Think, which I have on my phone. Before doing the practice I was feeling a little low.

First I did the Noting practice, which lasted 7 minutes and allowed me to pay attention to my whole breathing body. I enjoyed it and felt calm afterwards.

I then did the 2-minute Falling Asleep practice, which prepared me well to go to sleep. I felt warm and calm afterwards.

I drifted off soon after and although doing it right before bed meant I couldn’t expend as much mental energy on the practice, I did appreciate the boost in mood it gave me before I went to sleep.

Photo by Ash Edmonds on Unsplash