Hi there! I’m Anna. It’s lovely to meet you.

I expect over the time I write this blog, you’ll come to know quite a bit about me, but I don’t want to start this off with who I am, or a history of my experiences of mindfulness, or a description of mindfulness itself.

Instead, I want to set myself a challenge. Hold me to this, please.

Every day for a month, I am going to practise mindfulness.

I’m not strict about how I do this. I can use something from a book – I’ve got several. I can listen to a podcast on my phone. I can listen to a practice from a mindfulness website or on Youtube. I can try some mindful movement, or mindful eating, or just approach tasks with a mindful attitude.

I’m not strict about where I do it. I can do it outside in nature, or on the bus, or in bed, or in the kitchen. I can do it in a very still place or surrounded by people and noise.

I’m not strict about when I do it. I can do it early on or late at night or in the middle of the day. I can plan it into my routine or slip it between things I already have going on.

The important thing is that I do it.

I might keep a record on here of how it goes, write something in-depth, or just note that I’ve completed my mindfulness practice for the day. I’m trying to approach this with a mindset of curiosity.

Who knows what I’ll discover works well for me?


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